CTS Telecommunications Cincinnati


Private Network

In the high-speed world of data, CTS can provide the personnel and expertise to install and maintain your data networks and system devices.  Whether it's an upgraded local area network for a thousand employees or Internet access for a hundred students in a college dormitory – CTS can provide the optimal solution for your project. We work with our customers to understand what their current and future needs might be, so that we can design an efficient and cost-effective, yet forward-thinking solution to achieve their goals. CTS's Private Network Group excels in the planning, design and implementation of voice and data networks ranging from simple user station moves, adds and changes, to large-scale fiber optic links that create a seamless network platform across multiple properties. We've performed some of the largest and most technical projects in the Midwest, including the point of sale device upgrade for over 100 independent facilities in remote locations.

Our services include installation, testing and documentation of various types of cabling systems-fiber optic, coaxial and copper-for both voice and data networks within a facility. Our expertise encompasses building, upgrading and maintaining all parts of the network including: main distribution frame, backbone, and end-user stations within a building. We also have the skill and expertise to extend that same network across multiple buildings on the same property or in different locations (see Outside Plant Network Construction for additional information on these services).

CTS's Private Network Group, with offices in Cincinnati, Columbus and Wisconsin, include over 60+ full-time certified technicians and 20+ technicians dedicated to service or support calls. Every member of the department have field experience  and carry a number of different industry and vendor certifications. We provide the hands-on experience and knowledge to ensure that your project is completed to your specifications, on time and within budget.