CTS Telecommunications Cincinnati



Safety Drives everything we do. Our line of work can be risky. Over the past several years, we have increased our investment in processes, training and equipment to improve our culture of safety within the organization. After all, getting the job done right is extremely important but sending those we work with home to their families is one of our top priorities. Everyone matters and CTS is committed at all levels of the organization to invest the time and capital to purchase equipment, tools and protective gear because the safety of those that we work with is a top priority. CTS is one of the few companies with a Vice President of Risk Management who oversees all areas of our company's safety practices, certifications, and training.

Safety Certifications

As part of our comprehensive safety program, CTS employees have received training and/or certifications listed below.  If your project requires a specific certification not listed, please let us know as we may have it or are willing to add it to our safety resume.