CTS Telecommunications Cincinnati


Maintenance & Support

At CTS, we know that building and installing a network is only half the battle. Providing ongoing network maintenance and support is critical to keeping your users up and running with the most efficient technology upgrades available. CTS offers on-site support on a contract basis, along with on-call support with dedicated call-out numbers for each customer. With over 20+ full-time employees dedicated to emergency support, break-fix, regular maintenance, and updates, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of.

Our maintenance and support options are flexible. We can provide 40-hour-a-week onsite support with a dedicated CTS technician staffed full-time at your location. For other clients, we can provide regularly scheduled site visits as well as emergency response service. Whether we installed your network or not, we'll be happy to provide the service and support your network needs to keep it running smoothly day after day.