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Well Done

Published: March 6, 2019 in

Well Done

On February 20th CTS received the following note:  Just something you need to know. I believe your company had a crew working in Harrison Ohio on Monday. On that day we were part of a funeral procession that passed by your crew. Your ENTIRE CREW took off their hard hats and stood there respectfully while the cars passed. WOW what a great sign of respect. You should be very proud having crews out there like this. Well done.

While we all try to do the right thing every day, it should not be motivated for praise but because it is the right thing.  We are very thankful for the note and recognition of the crew:  Foreman Frank Seagraves, Jacob Bruch, Allen Blevins, Jason Yost, and Steve Grimes.  We are especially fortunate to be able to have these individuals working with us.