CTS Telecommunications Cincinnati


Xavier Hoffman Academic Quad

The Xavier University Hoffman Quad consists of three buildings—the Williams College of Business, the Learning Commons, and the Central Utility Plant. CTS was contracted to perform the CAT6 wiring in each of these new buildings, while also constructing a 360 strand fiber ring around the entire campus for upcoming connectivity needs. Each building got four Cat 6s to each location. CTS installed a total of 800,000 feet of cable.

During this year-long project, there were a few difficult construction aspects that CTS dealt with. The most complicated aspect was that CTS was working multiple tasks in multiple buildings, all while school was in session. CTS had to work around the students. CTS had a good working relationship with Xavier’s IT department employees, as well as those working for Messer Construction, the general contractor.  Project Value $900,000.00