CTS Telecommunications Cincinnati


Frontier Communications

CTS has served as the Single Source Provider for OSP construction and splicing services for Frontier, formerly Verizon, in Southern and Eastern Ohio Exchanges since 2005 as well as a bid opportunities for Outside Plant Projects in the Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana areas. The Turnkey work performed by CTS encompasses all areas of outside plant construction including buried and aerial copper and fiber optic cable placement, splicing, manhole, and underground work.  Our crews are available for 24/7 emergency response.

CTS has been very involved in the rehabilitation of Frontiers’ existing facilities through Cable Maintenance and section replacement projects both on hourly and bid based projects.  These services are provided to a diverse group of Frontier’s customers including hospitals, manufacturing plants, schools, retail stores, office buildings and personal residences. CTS has also been constructing Frontier’s Connect America Funds (CAF) for several years.